Badassery and Charity

Hey there.
Here is a DIY of a barbed wire bracelet, something I have been looking for for a while (two "for"s next to each other in a sentence, weird). You may think I am some form of twisted, masochistic being for wanting a barbed wire bracelet (although its not actually barbed wire, as that is the point).
Slightly off topic, I think I use too many parenthesis when I write.

Back on track, I was hoping to stumble upon a barbed wire bracelet, although ideally it was a headband, because, not only does it look badass, but because of its symbolism in my mind of this thing called:

For those of you who have not heard of it, Amnesty International is a large human rights organisation which you can read more about here. I think it is a great cause and call out to you fellow humans to join and help stop stoning (yes, it is legal in some countries to stone people to death, FOR ADULTERY), forced evictions, torture and many other atrocities that take place in this world. You can just sign up for the emailing list to be notified when big actions could really use your help to put on intonational pressure, but if you get a membership you get a t-shirt ;) Plus, if you are a young person I think the membership is only around £5 a year, AND THE MONEY GOES TO A GOOD CAUSE!
So please go and help the world! (And make a badass bracelet. See what I say about overusing  parenthesis?)


1 comment:

  1. That bracelet is really cool. :)
    I've already joined the mailing list of Amnesty, but I am also
    thinking about getting a membership. You're right, it's not expensive at all, but
    it's so important to do something...



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