Feel-Fancy, courtesy of moi.

In this tutorial I basically transform your room into the Ritz.

There is something about nice hangers that simply makes a huge difference, as if you have been transported to a luxurious hotel or have a boutique for a wardrobe. Unfortunately, if you are to have these wooden or cloth hangers, you usually need to cough up an irritatingly large sum. These are particularly easy and can be made from scraps of cloth and and the hangers you already have (unless you are fortunate enough to own quality ones already, and don't end up needing to use the ones they give you in the shops or put several items of clothing to each hanger like, erm, me).
My issue with this is I don't think I'd have enough time to do all of my hangers, and having un-matching hangers simply drives me up the wall. I'm fairly sure I don't have OCD (my room is a tip, although in my defence it also is very small so I have no space), but still.
Am I alone in my hanger obsession?



  1. ahhh this is such a good idea!! I would do this but I'm too lazy haha

    Btw, I've changed my blog url to http://perpetual-perplexities.blogspot.co.nz/ so you'll need to follow me again to see my posts on google reader! Or you can follow me on bloglovin' :) (also maybe the link on this blog hehe)

    1. Those were exactly my thoughts, though a little delayed (I entertained the notion of actually doing it for a few days, and still dare to dream once in a while) on seeing it. Thanks for letting us know of the change, I'm off to amend my follower-ship.

  2. I freak out about ugly hangers, too! All of mine are mismatched, and the worst colors... neon green, beige, grey, purple... Half of them are broken. I should try this if i ever have enough time. Thanks!

    1. I feel your pain! My most common solution is to use similar ones together (eg wire ones for skirts, plastic for jumpers) but I long for the day when I only own beautiful hangers...


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