A Room of My Own

My room, a small space with no more than 2 square meters of floor space (once I've got all my furniture inside) was one of my little joys.*

I'd been packing bits of it up in the time prior to putting this post together, so as to transfer them to my dorm for term time. With many of my things now occupying a quarter of a room in Wales, this one is now looking rather desolate, like a shop at the end of a clearance sale, and I'm glad I have some pictures from beforehand to share...

Masks at top are Victorian replicas from grandfather (originally British Musem but burnt in a fire?), origami flowers by me, smaller mask from Venice, bird/jewellery stand from boot fair and re-painted by me, jewelry box from grandmother, film camera £5 from charity shop and surprisingly works. Almost all is 2nd hand or gifted.

Old family candlesticks  (used to have a sun on the bare one but, much to my sadness, it broke and was lost), flowery box contained candle from godmother, gifted notebook, green biscuit tin with fairy-light label and ribbon, cactus notepaper from Mexico.

Fairy from goodness knows where, toadstool from friend's adorable little sister (she gave it to me for no reason whatsoever, wrapped prettily in tissue paper!), DIYed clothes hanger into jewellery hanger– I hope to share a tutorial, if only I can find the pictures I'd taken!

My clothes live on a under-£10 rail from Argos. It is the same as Rookie-photographer Eleanor Hardwick has in the room-decoration post (no, it is not creepy that I noticed it, I hope).

The title, as many of you probably know, is a play on Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. I really recommend it as feminist reading– it is not too heavy, long or incomprehensible, but it is quite dense. It is interesting and also gives you a great sense of satisfaction when you finish it. Have you read it? What do you think?
Hope all's well!


*My dorm now largely makes up for it, but that will be addressed in another post.


  1. Wow your room is lovely! I feel like I should read A Room of One's Own now xx


    1. Thank you and I really recommend it!


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